We’re bringing you some important tips to ensure your photobooth rental goes off without a hitch. With hundreds of bookings under our belts, we have seen a few repeat mistakes that can impact a  rental experience. We want you to get the maximum value from your hire, so we’re breaking down some of the most common issues we’ve identified over the past few years.

#1 Photobooth Rental Times

When confirming your photobooth rental, please note that we could have more than one booking on the day of your event, with another booking (or two!) taking place before or after. The logistics of these bookings have been planned to fit in with each other and we have taken things like travel time between venues and availability of equipment into account. This means there may not be a lot of flexibility once onsite and we will have to stick closely to the agreed rental times.

If your event is running behind schedule and the proceedings are taking longer than expected, the photobooth rental can’t always be extended to accommodate a delay. It’s something we see frequently, as some clients may assume the rental time can be adjusted according to how their running order is progressing.

This isn’t us trying to be difficult, and we always try to be accommodating, but we do generally have to stick pretty closely to a booking time to stay on schedule. If you want to extend the rental once the time is up, you can chat with the operator on-site and find out whether the booth is available for longer.

#2 How Many Prints You Will Get

With a standard photobooth rental, each photo is printed once. Printing more than one copy of each photo (i.e. a print for each person in a group photo) is not a standard inclusion, and this is available as an added extra to any of our packages. The duplicate print option is especially popular for events with guest books, where each attendee pastes a copy of their photo and leaves a personal message to the host.

If you’re considering adding duplicate prints as an extra to your hire, also consider the additional time required to print multiple copies of each photo. We operate an industrial printer and you won’t find a faster portable way to print a photo on-site, but even with super-fast printing speeds, if you have a group of 8 who all want a copy of their photo, you could be looking at a backlog in printing and the wait time for the next person or group becoming longer than you’d like.

If you’re expecting very high volumes of prints at your event (like expos or very large corporate events) and want to avoid any delays, talk to us about your options for duplicates, which could include a printing queue, where guests take their photos and come back to a table where the prints are all laid out later on.

If it’s a private social event, where guests are often not concerned with waiting for a minute or two, duplicates are usually very manageable with reasonable wait times between groups. 

#3 The Exit

We all think of the setup times and how it fits in with an event running order, but we often forget to consider the break-down of equipment and a smooth exit from the event. The last thing we want in the middle of the father of the bride speech is to be disturbed by heavy cases being pulled in or out of the room or people walking back and forth in your venue, maybe even having to navigate through guest tables.

If a photobooth is being placed in an area in the venue where the set-up or break-down of equipment is likely to disrupt or distract from proceedings, we suggest you book some idle time to ensure the set up is complete an hour or two before your booking starts, or that break-down is delayed for a while after booking time is complete.

Idle/wait time is cheaper than normal rental hours, since no photos are being taken, so it’s a great way to give you some room to play within your event running order and photobooth rental time slot. 

The operator will always arrive at your venue about 30 minutes prior to the agreed booking time (our set-up time is not part of your booking time). If you think you need the photobooth to be set up sooner than that (to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your event) let us know and we’ll add idle time to your booking.  

If you’re ready to take the next step with your photobooth rental, make sure you ask us these questions! We’ll give you our advice on whether you need to book any idle time, add extras or discuss the floor plan with you. We want it to be awesome!

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