21st Birthday Ideas & Strategies

We’ve been busy with 21st birthday parties this year! 21st birthday ideas should always include a photo booth! We have been to a wide range of them, from the big dress-up themed ones with grand venues, to the backyard blowouts. Our party photo booth has been there to capture it all. From the front lines, our battle hardened booth operators have laid down some strategies to ensure your 21st goes smooth(ish)!


Pace yourself. It’s super difficult when you’re the center of attention. Everyone at your party just wants to have a celebratory tequila/hand-grenade/Jägerbomb/boilermaker! If you give in to all the requests, your 21st will be over for you in under 45 minutes. At the risk of sounding like your mom – remember to drink water in between rounds. Only do shots every hour with a big group of people. This way, everyone gets a chance to toast with you, and you don’t end up in the toilet/garden/pool!

2. Take Photos at the Start of the Night

Those 2 am pictures just never look as cool the next day… You want great memories, but they’re likely best made before midnight.

3. Trim The Invite List

Just face it, you won’t get to spend as much time as you want with everyone. That’s why you need to make sure the people who are there are the ones you really want to make memories with. It’s difficult, we know, but this is a milestone event in your life and it should be about you. We have seen groups at 21st birthday parties just there to enjoy the free booze at the open bar without saying much more than ‘happy 21st birthday’ to their host. Don’t just be the one who foots the bill!

4. Do You Trust Me?

The thinking behind this tip is similar to the above.  At some 21st birthday parties, the birthday girl or boy spends a chunk of their night hiding out. They want to down a drink or have a cigarette, but there are guests around who would not approve. This is your night! Keep that guest list tight, because in the end you need to feel safe enough to let your hair down.

5. See You At The After-party

Decide beforehand whether you will be going out to a club for an after-party. We’ve seen great parties in full swing deflate quicker than a cheap air mattress once someone decides to take the revelry to the streets. Don’t do it! Unless you’ve made plans beforehand for transport, decided which club, arranged entrance and your guests are aware of the plan. Deciding on the spot to leave the current venue will most times just result in division between those who want to stay and those who want to go.

Whichever way you decide to do it, we’d love to be there with you. Our operators are all young and fun and they add a great vibe to any event!

All we know is, throughout all your 21st birthday ideas and planning, you should definately include a photo booth!

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