When a 60-year-old father of the bride recently questioned me about the necessity of a photo booth, my only response was to lightly shove him into the photo booth along with a group of delightfully tipsy wedding guests – Dads. They were all dad to someone at the wedding, and they initially had a hard time understanding why ‘the kids’ would queue at the wedding photo booth.

The Awkard Shuffle into the Booth

The first photo on the strip was pretty tame, with the group uncomfortably shuffling around, half-smiling. Photo number 1 appearing on screen showed some half-closed eyes and mouths caught mid-sentence. This started some roars of laughter while making their way onto photo number 2.  We were getting there… But when photo 3 presented us with a rogue dad unexpectedly donning a Rastafarian head piece, we were in business!

A Father-Daughter Moment

While I was gratified to see them experiencing the photo booth for what it was – a lot of fun! – the real winning moment for me was later that evening. One of the dads in the group pulled his little daughter by the hand into the booth, for a moment that would just be theirs to share. At a wedding so packed with guests and roaming photographers, the few private minutes they had alone in the photo booth together, pulling funny faces and suggesting props to each other, seemed like a true bonding moment.

I like thinking of the duplicate prints they walked away with. Both prints going up on two different fridges, in two different homes and the beautiful connection there was as those photos were at times being glimpsed at exactly the same moment.

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