You have been looking forward to this all year, and not only are there free drinks but also an awards photo booth! You’ve been first at the office all year long…except that one time when you had to go back for your lunch. You’ve stayed late, smiled when you wanted to tell someone exactly what you thought. You’ve agreed to ‘get granular’, ‘shoot the lights out’ and ‘disrupt’ using ‘blue sky thinking’. You pretend that jargon didn’t annoy you on a deep level. You’ve even countered with ‘I’ll circle back asap’ while ‘taking the conversation offline’ and getting the Anderson report done ‘by close of play’. You deserve an award. Literally!

Step up to the awards photo booth!

Award ceremonies are highlights on the corporate calendar. Even if we only can watch from the back of the venue, we enjoy seeing people get what they worked for. There’s a lot of sacrifice and self-control that goes into being the best in your field. We’re excited to see all of you walk on stage to collect your prize as this year’s awards evenings! Don’t forget to step into the awards photo booth afterwards to capture that moment!

If you’d like to have a corporate photo booth at your awards evening, we can guarantee a ‘ROI’ in the form of a lot a fun!

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