Our photo booths are very popular at bridal showers and bachelorette parties. We are usually hired by either the bride herself, or one of her bridemaids.

Bridesmaids generally get a bad rap.They’re often depicted as rampaging single ladies who are commited to hook up with any eligible partygoer. Alternatively, they’re a married desperate housewife types looking for a last hurrah away from their home life.

We kind of want to speak up for one of our favorite groups of party people! Our experience is that they’re usually so focused on the bride that there isn’t much time for the above-mentioned stereotypes. Bridesmaids spend months carefully planning the perfect send off for their best friend! So, by the time the elderly aunts and dieting moms have been fed, can we blame the girls for wanting to crush some shots?

If you’re a bridesmaid looking to book a photo booth for your bestie, we’re your partners in crime. We know what you need on the day and aim to be one less thing you need to manage. And just in case you foresee the bride forgetting a few parts of the night, consider getting a guest book!

Book a QuikPix Photo Booth for your bestie 🙂

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