How Can a Corporate Photobooth Help You?

Hiring a corporate photobooth to enhance your product activation or event can maximise the quality of your engagement with your audience. We list three ways the QuikPix corporate photobooth will make sure you’re getting incredible value from your interactions.

1. Personal Association

A corporate photobooth is a unique way to build personal association with your brand or product. We can help you take advantage of the fact that people have more meaningful emotional connections with things they associate their own faces with. Providing your attendees with a branded photobooth experience where they look their best – thanks to studio lighting, great cameras and trendy backdrops. This goes a long way in igniting an emotional connection with your brand. If you deliver an interaction that is personlised to your audience, and showcases your message, you’re likely to garner positive associations.

2. Post-Event Retention

Once your attendees leave your event, they’re bombarded with hundreds of other messages vying for their attention. Having a personalised keepsake, like high-res branded photo prints from your event ensures you go home with your audience. Consider magnetic strips as an extra to your booking – people still love sticking photos to their fridges.

Other than physical prints, you could also consider our contactless or virtual photobooth options for your event or activation. These offer the added opportunity to capture user information, making it easier for you to stay in-touch post-event, or send personalised messages with each digital photo print delivered to your guests’ mailbox or phone.

3. On-Site Fun

We shouldn’t underestimate the positive return that simply having a fun experience can yield. In an increasingly informed marketplace, most people can see a heavy-handed product push when they’re confronted with it. A photobooth experience is an alternative to generic swag-bags or handouts. If you provide an enjoyable experience that doesn’t have the primary objective of getting something, but rather giving something to an attendee, their association with the event is much more favourable.

We love working with clients and finding ways to deliver customised photobooth activations and designs that subtly incorporate your brand, while keeping the attendee experience front of mind.  

If you’re thinking of using to get more out of your next event, you can see more of what we’ve done on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve also got a blog that’s which showcases many of our most memorable past photo booth experiences, go check it out!

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