With more and more positive COVID-19 cases being confirmed daily now, we have been receiving many enquiries from clients regarding the state of their photo booth booking. We aren’t experts in the public health field, but we do want to try to put your mind at ease if you have a photo booth booking confirmed with QuikPix Photo Booth. At the moment, we aren’t sure if or when there will be a ‘lockdown’ as has been the case in other countries.

With that in mind, questions and the answers to photo booth booking questions may change along with regulations. Keep checking back on our blog and social media pages to keep yourself informed. For now, here are some answers to the questions we’ve been asked most frequently.

What happens to my photo booth booking if we go into ‘lockdown’?

We’re just as anxious as you about this possibility, where all gatherings could potentially be limited in numbers or completely prohibited for an extended period of time. We will await the official guidelines, but for now we suggest not planning or spending any money on new events until we know more.

What happens to my deposit if we can’t go ahead on the date we booked?

If we find ourselves in a situation where events need to be postponed, you will not lose your deposit. We will work with you to find the soonest possible available date and give your photo booth booking the first choice for new dates once the period of restriction ends. Your deposit will simply be carried over to the new booking date and we will deliver the service as previously agreed.

What if the event is at my house, not a big venue? Can we still go ahead?

There are two parts to this question. For now, we are going ahead with all booked events, big or small, as there is no current instruction from the government or department of health to limit this. But, we do want to be responsible in this higher risk time, and are busy working toward implementing measures to ensure safe and hygienic events. These should be in place in the next few days. This would include hand sanitiser placed in the booths, equipment being sterilised prior to each event, the removal of props and the booth attendant being the only person required to touch any equipment.

However, if lockdown measures are implemented in South Africa, your event, big or small, will likely need to be postponed. From what we can see in other countries where some public safety measures are already in place, the limitations could vary in strictness but all public gatherings seem to be prohibited as a standard protocol. This would include events hosted at your home as the restrictions aim to reduce the number of people in any one space at a time to prevent the spread of the virus.

This is still a time of considerable uncertainty and we are not sure what level of response will be required by our government. We do however foresee at least some limitations in services, and we will do everything required to comply to guidelines for public safety, while also doing our utmost to deliver on service to you if at all possible. You and your event truly are important to us and we invite you to mail us or give us a call anytime to talk about this situation.

 You are also welcome to send us a message about your photo booth booking on either Facebook or Instagram.


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