Photo Booth to Hire Is an Investment in Your Party

Do you think a photo booth to hire is just a nice event accessory? Something fun to add to the proceedings that will entertain your guests between formalities? Well, a photo booth to hire is certainly all of these things, but it’s so much more!

It’s an investment in your event, and we think you’ll be as happy as an initial Tesla investor with these returns! Ok, maybe not THAT happy, but we make up for it by less explosive use of social media platforms from our boss! Just check us out on Facebook or Instagram.

What Is My Return on Investment on a Photo Booth to Hire?

The same way you would use ROI to determine whether your investment in a company or stock was worthwhile. Some parallels can be drawn between that thinking and a photo booth to hire.

You will be making a decision to spend your hard-earned money on a photo booth, so what’s the pay-off? We need to determine the measure we’ll use to evaluate the return on your investment. Generally, to calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment. ROI = Return / Total Investment.

Let’s see that in action. We’ll be using guest enjoyment and longevity of event memories as our measure. So, let’s take a typical 3-hour photo booth to hire package (R2,900), and assume it’s a wedding. The average wedding we attend has approximately 200 guests. How does that add up?

200 guests / R2,900 = R14,50 spent per guest! That is less than the cost of a bottle of water (at wedding venue prices, at least!) and you’ve just sent your guests home with not only a fantastic on-site experience, but also a physical memento they can enjoy for years to come. Ok, so the return on investment analogy doesn’t completely carry through past this point, but you get our point!

One photo booth to hire is enough for most events, but we have gotten incredible requests – like the wedding that had four photo booths! So for an incredible ROI, click the button below or give us a call!



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