A green screen photo booth is something that is right at home in a place like Comic-Con. I mean, where else could you run into Batman, Captain America and Spider-Man while waiting for the bathroom? And then meet up with Goku and Frodo while getting a burger? We’re big fans of anything comic related, so when we were asked to provide photo booths for Comic-Con 2019, you know we were excited!

A bucket green screen photo booth??

For the 4 days of the event, the main event sponsor (KFC) was running a green screen photo booth activation. It was super cool! The green screen photo booth was set up in the shape of a KFC chicken bucket that towered above us. The super chicken men assisted the shy people to make there poses fun and (sometimes) strange. When the photos printed, the background that we added in was an epic futuristic design.

There were so many amazing costumes and everyone wanted a photo as memento, so we were busy non-stop! Having never attended this event, we didn’t anticipate the scale of Comic-Con. Only after attending it for the full duration did we understand how big it was. We were truly impressed with the organisation and creativity that went into putting it together.  The QuikPix staff had loads of fun and we were very thankful to be part of this spectacular event.

Comic-Con 2019 – a memorable one for us! We have many more awesome photo booth stories like this, so check in regularly!

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Comic Con Green Screen Photo Booth 2
Comic Con Green Screen Photo Booth 3