On trend! Deciding to import our first inflatable booth

When we were buying our first inflatable booth, we were nervous. At that time, the inflatable booth was a very new concept and they weren’t available in South Africa.  All we had to go on were some grainy pictures and a man in China’s assurances that we’d receive the shipment. But, we were sure the inflatable booth was going to be a great addition to the QuikPix Photo Booth offering, so we took the leap! It took a few weeks for us to receive the notification that our package was in the country, and we couldn’t wait for it to get to our door. 

Inflatable booth or inflatable…other things

It was a Thursday morning and the skies were the kind of blue that made you think nothing could go wrong. The courier handed us the papers and we confidently signed them. The inflatable booth had arrived – or so we thought! We gathered round to open up the box and examine our purchase. As soon as the packing tape was split, our smiles froze. It’s hard to explain the effect a big box of inflatable products of the…uhm..erotic category can have on a room that’s not prepared for it. 

Service with a smile

Our supplier quickly established that our order had somehow gotten mixed up with another at the warehouse in China. Slightly abashed, but undaunted, the ever professional exporter assured us of his full attention. The correct booth was sent to us via express service and we received it within a few days. Opening that box for the second time had us a bit nervous again, but all was well and we were very impressed with the quality of the product. Since then, inflatable booths have become so popular that we now have many of them – all ordered from our favourite Chinese supplier. 

If you’d like to book an inflatable booth for any upcoming events, we guarantee that what you order will be what you get! No surprises when it comes to our service – just loads of awesome times for you and your guests. 

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