An Open Air Photo Booth to Frame Your Venue

An open air photo booth can help you get the most out of your beautiful venue. You’ve spent weeks or months looking for the perfect space to host your event, and now you want to make sure you and your guests make great memories there.

There are so many great venues around, and many of them have features that make them unique. Whether it’s a boutique hotel that offers a spectacular sunset view of the city skyline, or a country venue with a beautiful garden, the open air photo booth shines in these environments! We have plenty of trendy backdrops or green screen options to offer when you hire a photo booth, but sometimes, the venue just takes care of that part.

Instead of selecting from our range of backdrops, you tell us what you love about your venue, and we’ll set up right there. The open-air photo booth still offers all the great stuff you’d get with a normal hire, like a good looking photo taking device, high quality prints and professional lighting, whilst taking advantage of your beautiful surroundings. 

How Do I Decide on Which Booth To Choose?

Once you’ve completed a tour of your venue, you’ll have a good idea of whether there is something special there that you would like to showcase. If one of the reasons you have decided on the venue is the garden, the fountain, the architecture or something else you love, you probably want to make sure you and your guests see as much of it as possible. It can set the mood for the whole event. If this is you, then an open air photo booth is probably a good call.

Compared to an enclosed booth, an open air photo booth can also fit bigger groups and guests sometimes find it easier to join in on the fun. If you’re not quite sure yet, why not talk to us about the backdrop options we offer as a standard inclusion, or what we can customise for you.

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