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What is an open air photo booth?

An open air photo booth is not enclosed by a structure like the inflatable party photo booth or the modern photo booth. The open air photo booth is just what it sounds like – a photo booth that is wide open.


Open Air Photo Booths.
Open air photo booth SANBS.

how does an open air photo booth work?

The photo taking device is positioned facing the area that you want to use as your open air backdrop. We configure the lighting and camera settings to work with your space, to ensure even outdoor shots still have the studio quality end results we’re known for.


The open air photo booth option is a smart choice when you have a feature to showcase. If your venue has a sweeping view of the city, an ornate staircase, or something else you love, the open air photo booth can help you make the most of that feature by turning it into a unique backdrop for your event photos.

The open air photo booth is also ideal for big groups, because you’re not limited by a booth enclosure and more guests can fit into a shot.

Open air photo booth ivy wall

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