Party Photo Booth


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What is a party photo booth?

The party photo booth is our most popular photo booth. It’s a big, inflatable booth with a bubble wall interior that doubles up as the photo backdrop. It can be set up to change colours or stay on a single shade.

The Inflatable Party Photo Booth
The Party Photo Booth Amongst Leaves

how does a party photo booth work?

The party photo booth is plugged into an outlet and inflates itself in under a minute. All of the photography equipment, including photo taking device, lighting, props and printer are then placed inside the booth by the attendant.


The party photo booth is great for…parties! It comfortably fits big groups, so you can have a lot of guests in each photo. It’s also good if you’re looking for something that gives guests a bit of privacy while taking photos, since it’s an enclosed booth and only the group in the booth can see the display screen.

Inside the Party Photo Booth.

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