The Appeal of a Photo Booth for Weddings

Photo booths for weddings are probably the most requested service from QuikPix. We have stopped counting how many weddings we’ve attended, but we know it’s a LOT! More than the average person will attend in several lifetimes. Even taking into account that crazy time we all seem to experience between 26 and 29 when there seems to be a friend’s wedding every single weekend.

We try our best to distinguish between professional and personal weddings. And looking at these events from both the perspective of service provider and friend, we have come a conclusion. Weddings with photo booths are proven to be 200% more awesome than those without.

What’s so great about a photo booth for weddings?

We’re glad you asked!

  1. It’s a fantastic icebreaker. If you want to get your guests mingling, set that booth up in the middle of the venue and wait for the magic to happen!
  2. Everyone gets something to remember the day by. Once the photos have been taken, they’re printed in the perfect size to be a bookmark or a fridge accessory. (Check out our extras to add magnetic strips if you want to take this to the next level!).
  3. You get an instant shared moment with as many guests as you like. You may feel like you aren’t getting to everyone on your wedding day. It’s busy and there are so many people you want to share the day with. Everyone says ‘it’s just a blur’! But you can take control of this by lining up some group shots at the photo booth. It’s a moment you get to reserve just for the people in the photo.

Are you convinced of the appeal of a photo booth for weddings? Why not book one for yours? Our photo booth hire packages are created to suit your budget.

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