The QuikPix Photo Booth hiring team are really into games. Name the game and we probably have a night dedicated to it! We love board games, card games, online games…and every kind of variation on these. So, we were super excited when we were asked to provide photo booth hiring services for a big private poker night. We put on our most dapper Casino Royale inspired outfits and dusted off the James Bond props. 

Cigars, cocktails & girls

 We were expecting a big group of guys smoking cigars and drinking cocktails. While that was part of the scene that greeted us, we were also surprised by the number of girls present. They seemed to outnumber the guys by a large margin. The girls on the QuikPix team love poker too, so we thought this was cool, if a little bit unexpected. Usually though, with photo booth hiring, the ladies spend the most time in the photo booth so we figured it was for their enjoyment whilst the guys played poker.

 Photo booth hiring with a twist….

 Once the proceedings kicked off, it didn’t take too long for us to realise we were at a strip-poker event! We had no idea that this was a thing. We put on our most professional faces and tried to play it cool while manning the photo booth… I still don’t know if we succeeded in this, but it certainly was a fantastically interesting evening for us.

 We’ll remember that strip poker night for a long time to come. It may even become one of our games nights one day!

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