As you may know, we’re embarking on a mission to share stories about our photo booths from our most memorable past events. We can’t operate at the moment, but we’re still hoping to make you smile in a different way.

A few months ago, we were approached to provide photo booth a for a corporate client in Bloemfontein. Now, QuikPix photo booths mainly operates in and around Gauteng. We’re used to driving an hour or two to countryside venues in Hartebeespoort, Bronkhorstspruit or Muldersdrift, but this was a stretch! The client had not been able to find a suitable photo booths in Bloemfontein. She was looking for certain extras and special services and having a hard time finding a provider. With this client having offices across South Africa, we’d previously worked with them, so we didn’t want to disappoint.

What were the highlights?

The highlights? We had some great music and fantastic company for the 800km road trip to Bloemfontein and back. The Bloem Spur was almost empty when we arrived late at night, but that smell never makes you feel unwelcome! You know what we’re talking about. Every Spur in the world has the same aroma. We smashed some ribs and milkshakes and reminisced in our family nights out as kids. Back when we couldn’t wait to scoff down our food to get to the play area.

Which photo booths did you use?

The next morning at dawn, we were setting up green screen photo booths while being bombarded with coffee and hospitality. The client and their numerous staff had a ball choosing from dozens of themed backgrounds! The famous places like NYC and Paris were the usual favourites, but every now and again someone chose something strange (like Christian Grey’s playroom).

We hit the road back to Johannesburg later that afternoon and have been thinking back fondly to Bloemfontein since then. Traveling that far for a single event will always be a memorable experience for us. We like to think of it as a metaphor of our commitment to go the extra 800km for our clients!

So if you are planning an event or wedding (even if it is quite a distance from Johannesburg), and need photo booth hire, then lets chat and make a plan!

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