We’re back with another photobooth hire story as part of our blog series! It has been a while since we’ve shared one of these tales! We have dedicated our last few posts to what we hope was informative and practical content. But now, it’s story time again!

Photobooth Hire for Dummies

Does that heading make you think we’re about to explain photobooth hire to someone inexperienced in the process? Nope. It’s actually about US being the dummies. At least according to ‘The Guy Who Could Do It Better’.

We arrived at this wedding, found the on-site contact, and set up as usual. While standing around chatting to the venue staff, we noticed someone walking around the set up and seemingly sizing up the photobooth. After he’d done a few laps around it, we were approached by a very confident, well-dressed guy.

Having determined that we were the people to talk to about the photobooth hire, he introduced himself (we’ll just refer to him as Chaz) with excessively robust handshakes all round. We’re OK with not establishing ourselves as alphas in most situations, so we gave him the required deferential attention.

Chaz wasn’t sure that this spot was the best one for the photobooth. It would probably be better in the other corner. Also, was it possible to not have a power cable? Also, could we lose the flower frame on the templates? It was a bit lame.

We tried telling Chaz that this corner was the one the bride and her wedding planner had agreed on for the photobooth hire, since it was easily accessible to all the tables. We genuinely tried to get him onboard with the fact that a single power cable, running along the back wall, was unfortunately the price we had to pay to ensure an operational photobooth. We even apologised for the fact that he didn’t like the template, but suggested he take it up with the bride, as it had been her design. And lastly, we tried to politely ask, ‘Sorry, but who exactly are you??’.

The only answer from Chaz before he walked away: “bro…”.

How Not to Have Fun With Photobooth Hire (Or Any Other Service)

After Chaz had left us in his dust, we talked to the event coordinator and confirmed everyone was still happy with things as they were. No problems, full steam ahead. Guests started trickling in and we were getting into the swing of things!

About an hour into this photobooth hire, Chaz started loitering around the photobooth. Now and then someone would ask him to join in a photo, but he chose to stand to the side and comment on how embarrassing people’s poses and smiles were. He made snarky suggestions about how we could improve the photobooth lighting, backdrop, printing, the operator’s hairstyle, and anything else he could think of. People just seemed confused. So were we!

We had obviously invoked Chaz’s scorn, but it sucked to see him spoil the fun for others. Having fun in a photobooth is literally one of the easiest things in the world – everybody loves it! That’s why we enjoy doing it so much! Just about every single person we’ve ever had in the booth has had a great time and we love being a part of that! So we thought it took a special kind of a-hole to actively hate a photobooth…

Turns out, he actively hated the DJ, the barmen and the MC as well, as he later lost interest in the photobooth and started heckling and hassling pretty much every service provider in the venue. We still don’t know if Chaz was an unhappy ex-boyfriend, general know-it-all or just suffered from constipation on the day, but it was one of the strangest photobooth interactions we’ve ever had.

Luckily, the event coordinator and the DJ had a chat with the groom. He then seemed to have disciplined Chaz, who spent the rest of his night at his table angrily gesturing to whoever sat next to him.

We were glad to be able to have fun with the guests again after that and it turned out to be a wonderful night. When we handed over the beautiful guestbook with all the thoughtful handwritten messages to the bridal couple, we spared a thought for angry Chaz, who wasn’t part of that memory.

If you’d like to read about more photo booth stories, have a look at our blog. Or, if you’re missing events as much as we are, browse our Facebook or Instagram pages for a bit of nostalgia.


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