Photobooth Mystery Booking

We’ve been sharing photobooth stories of our most memorable events over the last few weeks. The following story is memorable for different reasons to previous tales. While the other events were memorable because of something special happening at or leading up to them, this photobooth booking was memorable because nothing happened. Yup. Literally.

We refer to this one as the ghost event.

Knock knock…

This photobooth was booked by a woman (we’ll refer to her as Mrs. Goosebumps in case there is an identity to protect) who sounded quite elderly. She said it was for an evening wedding ceremony at a private residence. We’ve had one or two of those, so nothing too out of the ordinary there. We were paid in full prior to the event, so again, nothing out of the ordinary. Print designs were made, photobooths were prepped, operators were booked. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Until we arrived at the address.

We’d confirmed the address in writing and double checked prior to the event. We arrived at the house in an old suburb in the north of Johannesburg and thought things looked a bit quiet for a wedding. The property looked old and a little dilapidated, but we thought that the action might be in the back garden It looked like it had been a fancy old house at some point, but nature seemed to be taking it back.

No lights were on and we couldn’t see any cars parked in the spacious driveway. At this point, we thought it best to check in with the client, since we were losing daylight fast. The phone number we had been communicating with the client with since she initially inquired about the photobooth. The number didn’t exist, according to the automated message. After rechecking the number and trying it from another phone, we started looking at each other furtively.

Wait, can ghosts use photobooths?

We know we may be jumping to some conclusions here. But, hear us out. We double checked the address, and this was the street, suburb, and house number we were told to go to. We even had a helpful description of the gate and the pillars from the client. We were looking at them. We were so confused and had no idea what to do next.

We had just decided to head back to QuikPix HQ and possibly ask someone to give us a pinch, when we saw someone walking a dog about to turn into the driveway next door. We called out to the neighbour and got his attention. We asked him whether he knew someone named Mrs. Goosebumps. He said he’d been living there for about thirty years, and yeas there was a family names Goosebumps who used to occupy the house we were trying to get into.

Only issue here – all the kids had immigrated a few years ago and Mrs. Goosebumps was in a care facility, following a stroke. Also, it was unlikely she had called us to book a photobooth, since she had lost her ability to speak. At least in a way that others could understand. Oh, and fun bonus fact, the stroke happened at a wedding.

We left in what felt like a giant cloud of tyre smoke and revving, but it was probably a less cool exit to any spectators.

We never received another reply from the email address and were never able to place a successful call to the phone number. We still don’t know what happened here. It seems strange that if it was just a prank, someone would pay the full photobooth hire in advance. We can’t think of any reason anyone would do this, unless we’ve made a powerful enemy with lots of expendable cash!

In general, we love doing events, but we really prefer it when the clients are also in attendance.

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