Love is…photobooths!

Along with kisses in photobooths, there’s something else that never fails to melt our hearts and elicit an involuntary ‘aaawwh’. It is older couples holding hands. We are total suckers for that kind of lifelong commitment to romance and intimacy.

Seriously, whenever we see a couple like this walking on the street, on a beach or in a restaurant, we cannot help but admire them. It shows a deliberate decision to stay in love. And, in a way, to show the world how lucky you feel to be walking alongside the other person. Aaaawh, sweet – but what has that got to do with photobooths?

The Big 5-0!

One of the most memorable events we’ve done in the last few years is definitely a 50th wedding anniversary. We just felt honoured to supply photobooths for an event celebrating a love that’s been around for almost twice as long as we’ve been alive. How crazy is that?!

This event was a swanky restaurant where the couple’s two daughters had booked out a private space. There were beautiful flower bouquets, understated (but expensive looking!) décor and a gift table that was soon groaning under the weight of the celebratory offerings!

There was even a live band playing some really great jazz and covers of golden oldies. We felt like grabbing a cigar from one of the distinguished looking older gentlemen and just kicking back with a nice whisky! We soon remembered we weren’t retired yet, so we shook off this fantasy and settled for swinging our hips to the tunes. We danced through our set up of the photobooths, which made it one of the most enjoyable builds we’ve done. Come one, isn’t jazz just so freakin’ sexy?!

Soon, we were in the middle of the speeches and these people were pretty much toastmasters. We didn’t even know the couple, but we were almost in tears a few times. We listened to the adventures they had on a Nile cruise in Egypt. The doubles tennis match they had been playing with the same couple every Saturday for thirty years.

The cancer battle and recovery. One of their daughters immigrating. The cooking classes and bowls they took up in retirement. The list went on, but what stood out was how this couple had tackled every challenge life had thrown at them as an inseparable unit.

Fifty years truly is a lifetime and we walked away from this event with some serious relationship goals. And epic photos!

Not too old for photobooths!

This group did not shy away from living their best lives in the photobooths. The props were used in ridiculous combinations and we were so into this older crowd letting their hair down!

Before we knew it, the hire time was up and we were sad to pack up – we were having so much fun! Once we’d packed up the equipment and cleared our area, we went to say goodbye to the clients. They were so nice and next thing we knew, we had a nice glass of whisky in our hands! The jazz was still going and this felt like such a perfect moment at the end of a beautiful night. We raised our glasses and toasted the guests of honour on their incredible 50th anniversary!

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