Rent a photo booth. Confirm the menu. Finalise table seating. Remind mom to tell your aunt to use the registry and not to knit you ‘something special’. Ah, how we miss the days when those wedding to-do list essentials were so easy to fly through. Now, so many unknown factors have entered into the equation and we’re not sure what we can or can’t do. We don’t want to lose money on booking deposits and we don’t know whether our dream event is still possible.

We’ve been in the the current COVID-19 induced lock down for a while now. If, like us, you’ve been spending a bit more time on social media than usual, you may also be aware of a widely varied range of speculative theories regarding future lock down extensions, reduced but strict measures, continued bans on gatherings, etc., etc., etc.

We’re not ashamed to admit our isolated internet hours have led us down a few conspiracy theory rabbit holes, so we’ve had some temporary doubts of any future prospect of normalcy. As the weeks have gone on, we’ve vacillated between frustration, worry, boredom and positivity. During the initial lock down, we imagined we’d be able to operate normally as soon as it was over, and you’d be able to rent a photo booth by the next working day!

Sadly, as we know know, this will not be the case. We do have some government guidelines for the different levels and when they estimate we will be hitting the peak of the infections. If we base our own planning on those guidelines, it seems we’re in for a rocky road until at least September. 

Can I rent a photo booth yet?

For several weeks we’ve been pressing the refresh button on our inboxes. Initially, we felt forlorn and forgotten because no-one was mailing us, missing us and asking us to come to their parties. We waited for the subject line that said someone wanted to rent a photo booth.

Then, we started being greeted with opportunistic spam mails. There was the one which promised that we were instantly eligible for thousands of Rand in small business relief.  If we only contacted Mrs. Edna on her cell, our problems were about to disappear! We haven’t done that yet, but we expect she’ll call us soon. Then, there were some half-hearted phishing attempts, disguised as downloadable forms for financial relief from banks we don’t bank with.

But then…we saw a light! We started receiving a slow, tentative trickle of optimistic enquiries from people who wanted to rent a photo booth. Events being planned for the end of the year and next year. These events might seem too optimistic for a country still in lock down, but it helped to remind us that there will be an end to this.

Having said that, and despite having become voracious readers of everything corona-related, we are not health experts (our quarantine stockpile of almost exclusively Doritos, cheese and chocolate also attests to that). We’ll keep following the scientific advice of the medical community and adapting to what the government requires of small businesses. We will also keep working with you and discussing what we think would be realistic planning for your event.

So, the answer is that you can rent a photo booth. We just suggest that you book it for October or later and talk to us about any concerns you have as we get closer to your date. You can check out our procedure for when you rent a photo booth and have to change your date here.  

An even better experience when you rent a photo booth

Rest assured; we haven’t been spending all our time in the above-mentioned internet rabbit holes and Doritos comas. We have been working on some exciting upgrades which we’ll implement as soon as we’re able to be fully operational again, and we think you’ll love the improvements.

Even though we don’t know how long it will take for us to really get back to normal, whenever it does happen, we want you to know how excited we are to get back to doing what we love and providing you with a better service than ever. If you’d like to start talking about an upcoming event, why not get a quote or send us a message?

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