Dogs are people too…

That’s our official selfie booth opinion. Ok, maybe not, but dogs do like a good event – especially if there’s walking involved! Shortly before lock down, one of the last events we did was a massive dog day out. We LOVE dogs. Like, a lot! We couldn’t wait to go and make memories with the selfie booth and all the pooches. We have four canine kids of our own, but our boys had to stay home on this day. We didn’t think there was any chance of managing a professional photo booth while controlling our pack.  

Bark for the selfie booth!

We couldn’t believe the number of people who turned out for this event. We saw all shapes and sizes, furs and colours making their way through the selfie booths. There were old and young (dogs and people), big groups of friends, families and solo dog owners. Actually, we take that back –  can you ever really be called solo if you have a dog? Nope. We’ll call them couples.

These couples were probably our favourite. Young single women, older retired gentlemen and everything in-between. It was amazing to see how many people were willing to spend a whole evening on bringing their fur pal out for a party. We have never seen anything as cool as the absolutely hilarious expressions these dogs put on for the selfie booth camera! Tongues, ears and tails everywhere – it was magnificent chaos! Owners trying to match their companions’ expressions guaranteed even more laughs and we had people clutching their stomachs laughing when they walked out of the selfie booths with their prints. 

One of our all-time favourite selfie booth hire events

Ok, we were pretty biased to begin with (don’t know if we mentioned, we LOVE dogs!), but this event is really high on our list of favourite events. We think anyone who spent even a few minutes in the booth would agree with us though – these dogs were spectacular fun. If there is ever another dog walk of this size, with the fantastic organisation and activities for the pooches, we’re taking our boys! We’ll split up in teams to man the selfie booths and take turns roaming with our buds.

We never had the heart to tell them how many of their pawed pals we hugged that day… Some things are better unsaid.  For all the love we saw at this event and the unique bond between owners and dogs, this dog walk event will always be one of our favourite events. 

Selfie booths are great at any event and our team really is a friendly bunch. We’d like to think Golden Retrievers are our spirit animals. So, if you’ve got a weird idea or event request, throw us a bone or drop us a line. We’ll endeavor to approach the problem with the enthusiasm of a Goldie at a tennis ball factory. We are always happy to help and add something special to your event. Even if it means we have to build a little podium for perfect dog-height photos.  

If you’d like to read more about our favourite events, check out some other photo booth stories on our blog. 

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