Wedding Photo Booth Prices That Leave Money for the Cake

Wedding photo booth prices have continued escalating in the last few years. While some of the increases are due to the accepted effects of inflation, we realise there are certain other factors at work.

If you’ve spent any considerable amount of time on planning your wedding budget, you’re likely to have arrived at the conclusion that everyone is trying to fleece you. Almost every supplier or venue seems determined to get as much as possible out of you for the privilege of supplying a service on your wedding day.

We’ve been in the game long enough to have seen wedding photo booth prices follow similar trends to other wedding-industry related services. Maybe it’s always been like this, but the last few years it feels like weddings have become even more of a mega industry. There are very few options for couples who don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of Rand on their big day.

Somewhere along the line, weddings have become the kind business where it’s almost accepted practice to exploit those planning nuptials. We think this robs couples of the joy they should be experiencing while planning their weddings. It’s hard to feel like you can enjoy the planning phase while you feel bombarded with inflated costs and sky-high quotes.

Wedding Photo Booth Prices for Everyone

We probably can’t change an industry, but we can deliver reasonable wedding photo booth prices.  QuikPix has been around for years and we’ve refined our offering to provide you with the best possible photo booth experience, while keeping costs down. There are no hidden costs and the amount on the quote is what you’re going to be paying.

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