Your wedding photobooth hire is an opportunity to create something that is unique to your event. Now, we’re not saying the rest of your wedding isn’t unique, but having been to as many as we have, we know that you want to avoid feeling like your wedding is just like the one you attended two months ago. The fact is, there are certain things that feel very familiar at many weddings you attend. If you’ve hit that age where it feels like every second weekend has a wedding, you may know what we’re talking about. 

It’s not that the events aren’t beautiful. They’re all really great and so are the bridesmaid’s dresses and so are the flowers. The thing is, looking back at them once you’ve completed your run of the season’s weddings, you may struggle to tell them apart. We think an awesome wedding photobooth hire is the ticket to making sure your wedding memory stands out. Whatever your style, we can work with it and make something amazing for you. Here’s a case study of two very different brides and how they used their wedding photobooth hire to make epic memories!


Bride #1 – The Full-On Fun Seeker

A while ago, QuikPix partnered with Karaoke Booth, a mobile karaoke bar company which operates in conjunction with our photobooth. The thinking behind this was that both photobooths and karaoke are some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on, so why not have both at the same time? We wanted to be jacked to deliver a loud, epic, memorable piece of event entertainment. When Bride #1 contacted us to talk about a wedding photobooth hire and requested just about every extra we offered, we mentioned the Karaoke Booth to her.

Bride #1 sounded like someone who wanted to get the most out of every life experience she had and we loved her from the first phone call. Some people have an infectious love of life that inspires you to want to be better! The thing we ended up deciding would work best for her would be a totally bomb karaoke/photobooth combo, themed with unique props, neon lights and a playlist she and her groom wanted to select themselves. 

Guests absolutely loved this double booth and it required our sternest booth attendant voices to get people to go back to their seats for formalities! Bride #1 and her new husband had their moment with us too and their duet of Kiss Me by Indecent Obsession was honestly what life is all about.

This was an amazing wedding photobooth hire, just for the level of fun-loving craziness at the event.

Bride #2 – The Hella Classy Beauty Queen

The second bride we’re talking about today was memorable for entirely different reasons. She was one of those people who kinda make you feel like your life is alarmingly not cool. She got in touch with us via a friend who had used us for a corporate event. Bride #2 was an ex-beauty queen turned spokes-model who wanted a walk-in photobooth that was built to look like a magazine cover. We were excited to do this, as we had been looking for an opportunity to do our first magazine booth.

Everything at this wedding was Insta-worthy and very expensive looking. We had to agree to not share any of the images of the famous (we didn’t really know them, but allegedly…?) guests with anyone or use any of the wedding images for marketing purposes. We obviously agreed and just felt happy to be part of such a beautiful wedding. Real life flower arches, literal doves being released, actual French Champagne. Oh, yeah. This was hella classy.

The walk-in booth was spot-on for this crowd and there was a queue for the duration of this wedding photobooth hire. We also threw on some beauty filters (also known as the Kardashian filter following Kim and Yeezy’s popular wedding photobooth), and everyone was super into it. We were very proud of the structure we’d built and how well it blended with the rest of this stunning event.

As different as they were, we loved working with both of these amazing brides and customising an experience that suited their personalities. If you’re a bride looking for a partner in your wedding photobooth hire, hit us up, brides are literally our favourite!

Our blog documents some of our most memorable events, so if you’re interested in reading more about epic wedding photobooth hire we’ve done, check out our photo booth stories! If you’re looking for visual inspiration, we have great photos of past events on our Facebook page – or Instagram if that’s where you live your best social life! 



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