We’re hopeless romantics. So, it makes sense that one of our favourite events was a delightfully over the top wedding earlier this year. This wedding had it all; from white doves to an elaborate wedding gown, it was a true fairy-tale.

What is better than one wedding photobooth?

We had to double check the requirements when we received the mail requesting a wedding photobooth – they wanted four for one wedding! We were sure it was a typo, but it turned out to be exactly what the couple wanted. Four photobooths (and they were on the fence about perhaps needing five). They wanted custom props, unique backdrops, Kardashian filters, and guestbooks – all x 4.

How many wedding guests??

We knew this meant we were in for something special… Arriving at the venue on the day, we thought we’d wandered into the wrong event. It looked more like the parking lot at an expo than a private wedding ceremony. We’d never seen close to a thousand guests at a wedding! The four of us headed into our separate directions and wouldn’t see each other again for about 6 hours. This wedding was packed, and the guests were there to party! There wasn’t a quiet moment at any of the photobooths and we reunited in the parking lot, dazed. We were exhausted but had had loads of fun with guests. We were happy that we’d all met the bridal couple, who made several rounds at the photobooths.

A truly memorable one for us and the largest wedding we’ve done to date. For information on our wedding photobooth, including what extras we offer, take a look here.

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